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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

An Audience of One

Several months ago, as I was trolling the internet, I saw this:

 In worship,  God is the audience.

Wow!  I’d never thought of it quite like that before.  I knew, of course, that I go to church to “worship,” but it was just to show God that I loved Him.  I recognized that each portion of the service was designed to show God that He is loved by His people.

It was a works kind of thing – good, Christian people go to church, right?

But this – well, it put worship in a whole new light for me. 

Now when I sing a hymn or the Doxology, I’m singing directly to Him…

Now when I pray, I’m praying directly to Him…

Now when I recite the Apostles Creed with my fellow worshippers, I’m telling God exactly what I believe about Him…

Now when I read the Holy Scriptures, I am reading them back directly to my Creator…

Now when I hear the choir fill the sanctuary with wonderful melodies of joy, I know those melodies are being lifted up directly to Him…

Now when I hear the sermon, I know that not only are those words for those who are worshipping, but also as a gift directly to God.

I can’t explain why or how I got the idea that worship was more for me than it was for God.  I felt that if I didn’t get something out of it, well, it certainly wasn’t my fault.

But to envision God as the audience, with all of us up at the pulpit and Our Father the only one in the congregation – that struck a chord within me.  I realized how selfish and self-centered I had become.  I was putting my needs way before God’s desires.

And what are God’s desires?

He wants us to know Him…

He wants us to obey His commands…

He wants us to live according to His plans…

He wants us to love Him…

And to worship Him…

I’d better get crackin’.  There’s probably something else I’m not quite understanding.  Ya think?


  1. How about that? Us older dogs CAN learn new tricks!
    Thanks for sharing this Carol.... great reminder, no matter our age!

    1. Who you calling old? Wait -- don't answer that!

  2. Wow! I had never thought of worship that way - personal, but more of God's gifts to me, not mine to Him. Will be thinking about this for days!! Thanks Carol!

    1. It's exciting, isn't it? I'm so glad it touched you, too.

  3. Very insightful, Carol. Thank you for this one!

    Linda M.

    1. Thanks, Linda, for always being so supportive...

  4. you teach me so much.
    lu davy