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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Say To-may-to, You Say To-mah-to

Several years ago, my husband David bought an SUV for me.

I remember telling my mother about it.  Then in her mid-80’s, she wasn’t grasping the concept of an SUV and kept asking how it was different from a regular car.

I was meeting both of my parents at a doctor’s office in the next few days, so I told her I would drive it then and she could see for herself.

On the appointed day, I drove my new SUV into the parking lot, knowing that my mother was glued to a window so she could see what the deal was.
When I opened the door to the office, however, I immediately saw that the waiting room was packed, and Mom and Daddy were not near a window.

As I approached them, Mom said, very brightly and in a voice that carried throughout the room, “Did you bring the SOB?”

“No,” I deadpanned, “I left him at home.” 

At which point my dad, then in his mid-90’s, laughed longer, louder and deeper than I had heard him laugh in years.
Photo by Jenny Wallace Webb


  1. Oh my! So funny! Love it!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks, ladies! I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried...

  3. Love your posts! This one made me LOL!

    Love ~ Danie Marie

  4. Thanks so much, Danie. My mother will never live this one down. There are others that I'll share eventually, but this one topped them all!